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LOREMI –  NUMBER 1 IN CONTROL OF PIGEONS, has the ultimate solution for the control of pigeons:

Residences, Businesses, Condominiums, Industries, Airports, etc..

We serve anywhere in Brazil and around the World

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Lorem Control Pigeons specializes in permanent solutions to the problems of pest birds. 
Our unique methods and patented products enable us to offer a 100% Guarantee.

Our program of exclusion for many buildings are designed to prevent pigeons, vultures, sparrows and gulls. All facilities are designed for construction, harmless to birds, and almost invisible. We work with problems in all types of structures.

Technical inspection: The process begins with an on-site consultation by one of our experts in control of pigeons. We evaluate each site independently reporting the specific characteristics that each job entails. Our experience tells us that a product or solution does not fit every situation.

We have a reputation for using creative and innovative methods to prevent infestation of pigeons, designed specifically for the condition of each client.

Pigeon Control – Technology and System

Custom Control: Our patented Lorem ™ uses the principles of behavior modification to teach the birds to their old landing sites are no longer appropriate. We install networks for exclusion. We create networks of cable to prevent birds flying into defined spaces.Among several physical barriers, tensioned wire, wire coils, spikes, screens, panels hypnotics, catch and release, repellents, unique and innovative systems in accordance with each case.

We design all the information to determine how best to eradicate the problem of pest birds. Taking into account all the environmental and aesthetic concerns. Detailed plans are generated, which define all the specifications of the custom system to be installed.


Cleaning is performed by trained technicians who are flexible to the needs of occupants and users who understand the importance of public relations while the control birds played. This phase includes all work Cleaning, Sanitation, Disinfection, lice, bacteria, removal of nests, eggs, feces and poultry.


The cleanup of bird infested sites is a priority and is usually completed before an exclusion program is started. Cleaning is done with protective clothing. Excreta are disposed of appropriately.

Finally: The control system is installed by trained technicians to permanently solve the problem of pest birds.

Control Methods:

– Physical barrier according to various client architecture; 
– Spiral; 
– Tensioned wire; 
– Blocking Screens; 
– Sacha; 
– Gel Repellent; 
– Fogging thermal or mechanical – oil base that frightens the bird; 
– Control through with loft; 
– Hygiene, Cleaning and Removal of feces and waste; 
– Spikes; 
– Seals of roofs.

We offer:

– Professionals specializing in control birds and birds; 
– Products registered with the Ministry of Health; 
– Products & Equipment with the permission of IBAMA; 
– Veterinary; 
– Chemical Engineer; 
– Approval of Sanitary Surveillance; 
– Certificate of Guarantee; 
– Support needed in the environmental area.


There are many products and services useless to control pigeons. Some: 
– Ultrasonic Repellent – is evidence that the birds become accustomed to in less than 30 days with the sound produced. 
– Pigeons amazed by the Light – Pigeons feed during the day, so there is no point (for bats). 
– Ink and gel repellent – is the more economical options, but with poor durability due to rain, sun, dust as well as presence and contact with feces and feathers of pigeons. 
– Stuffed Hawk – Dove urban unaware of their natural predator. So it does not.


Repellent Gel – Causes a burning sensation in pigeons gradually from the amazing place. This process remains active for about 3 (three) months – “educating” the bird to not return to the site. The process is gradual and effective (without hurting the bird repellent). With the cleanup of contaminated sites and applying the gel repellent (odorless and nontoxic) the customer will have to ease back and eliminate the risks of contracting diseases caused by these birds.

Education Customer: (awareness) – For every job in the Control of Pigeons the main weapon to fight is the cleaning and removal of any source of food and shelter. The Loremo is committed to prevent access and shelter for birds anywhere, but we need a partnership with the client to eliminate the points that facilitation of food such as not leaving food thrown on the floor, the management of rations, trimmings , remains alimentares.O appropriate packaging waste is especially relevant in the control of Pigeons, and other urban pests (cockroaches, flies, rodents).

Repellent Liquid – With the active principle with non-toxic and odor of action only causes the abandonment of the shed (shown w / specific situations).

Physical barriers (Spikes) – Consists of the installation of flexible tips that prevent the landing of the bird situation due to the material used. Causing no injury to the bird.

Physical barriers (Spiral) – Consists of the installation of spiral telescopic stainless steel to meet effectively the pigeons in landing areas, are installed in places with a variety of fasteners. Presents a physical barrier to birds and birds that land representing an unstable platform for permanence. Not cause any injury to the bird. Uses: Eaves, sills, walls, railings and straight stitches and / or curved short and long distances.

Physical barriers (wires intended) – The fixing of the wires occurs at the ends by one base. These accessories can be used in buildings gutters, railings, eaves and other areas as determined by the situation encountered. Impeding the landing of birds. Not cause any injury to the bird. Installation with both inaccurate and wrong way will not work, the performance of a professional in this facility is necessary and important.

Physical barriers (protective screens) – block the entry of birds and pigeons and other birds in open areas such as warehouses, spans, different points of buildings, roof lining – preventing the entry of birds.

Capture and Release

Capture and Release – There are several techniques in order to capture in places difficult to control with physical barriers, such as parks, ports, roads, airports, locations with high infestation and serious risk to health.

This solution is only necessary to release along with bodies next to each client.

LOREMI – Controle de pombos para residencias e empresas diversas, profissionais em controle de pombos, diversas tecnicas, garantia de 1 ano em pombos.
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